The patented innovative flexible railing by Prem - creative solutions

The flexible railing manages to respond to individual customer needs due to its unique design and also is able to replace the elements  moments with hindsight. It can be in interioror in outdoor use.

By a various offer of different materials for filling, handrail and support system have your own ideas no limits. The modular, changeable structure of the innovative railing enables railing fillings various materials such as glass, metal, wood or plastic.
A special feature of the railing construction is the possibility to illuminate glass fillings from the inside. The generation of the current takes place by integration in the railing photovoltaic elements. The required electronics and cable routing are installed invisibly in the railing construction.
The uprights are bolted to a tube made of steel, which is anchored by means of a base plate on the ground. Through a
simple slot system is the railing
easily height adjustable. The design of the support system is also avaliable in different materials such as stainless steel, aluminium , nature materials  as well as in
different surface coatings for steel.
Also the material of the handrail is depending on requirements in various designs. Possible are such as wood, polyester or stainless steel, just to name a few.

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